Request for CNOOC-Nexen to NOT attend Regional District meeting in Dodge Cove


June 5, 2017



North Coast Regional District (SQCRD) (NCRD)

Chair and Directors of the Board & Staff

14-342 3rd Avenue West

Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1L5



RE: the attendance by Nexen CNOOC Ltd at the Regional District  Board meeting to be held in Dodge Cove on June 16th


As a resident of Dodge Cove, I would like to ask the staff and the Board of the NCRD (SQCRD)  to reschedule the presentation by Nexen- CNOOC on the agenda for the meeting to be held in Dodge Cove later this month.

The Community of Dodge Cove has refused further meetings with Nexen in our community. We have met with the proponent many times, and the residents now feel that further meetings do not further our objective of preventing the establishment of the Aurora LNG plant on Digby Island.  Residents find meeting with the company very stressful and ultimately unproductive.

The company has been apprised of this decision, and their application to present to the NCRD Board at a meeting in Dodge Cove seems like a back-door tactic to insert themselves into the community against our expressed wishes. This is disingenuous at best and calculated at worst.

Therefore, may I please ask that the presentation to the NCRD Board be postponed to another meeting, held elsewhere?


Lou Allison


cc. Des Nobels, Representative to the SQCRD for DC

cc. Jennifer Rice, MLA, North Coast

cc. Nathan Cullen, MP, Skeena-Bulkly Valley


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