Today, about 40 live full-time in Dodge Cove (and many more part-time and seasonal residents) and maintain the infrastructure of the community largely though volunteer work. As an Improvement District, we maintain our own dam and waterworks. We are part of the Skeena Queen Charlotte Regional District.

We pride ourselves on  beautiful gardens, low traffic (no cars or trucks), low noise levels, walking and wheelbarrow traffic.

Friends and family visit to access the fishing grounds, to hike our trails or to kayak and explore the periphery of Digby Island.

Our occupations are now diversified. Fishing, sawmilling, and boat building are still home businesses. Others commute to work; 10 minutes by boat or water taxi to Prince Rupert.

Dodge Cove is well known for its Coastal Quilters and its Artist’s Guild.

wheelbarrows in Dodge