The Science Around LNG and Lelu by Dr. Jonathan Moore from SFU

David Hughes Presentation On LNG in B.C. “B.C. LNG and the “Shale Revolution” Myths and Realities

Eoin Finn
Speaks about impacts on Howe Sound from the LNG Industry.

Eoin Finn – Woodfibre LNG – Why we need to be concerned.

Andrew Nikiforuk on LNG and Petro-State Politics 

Damian Gillis – LNG in a Nutshell                                                                  

LNG Pipedreams event at SFU on May 21 – 7 speakers

Or in pieces:

Tribal Chief Liz Logan speaks at LNG Pipedreams Conference (1 of 7)

Shannon MacPhail (2 of 7)

Tracy Saxby (3 of 7)

Joyce Williams (4 of 7)

Damien Gillis (5 of 7)